Double Decker

The NJ Transit train I got on in Trenton has an upstairs. It makes sense. One guy wondered if he messed up and wound up on an Amtrack train. I don't know why I don't to Philly more often. Bill Irwin did a piece here earlier this year. That came out of his frustration with doing Virginia Woolf in London.

I just read about Gary Steuer, the new director of Philadelphia's Office of Arts, Culture and Creative Economy. Some interesting numbers here. Federal support for the arts is down 72% but state and local support is up 144%. I doubt the gap is closed by that. Reason number 1000 to vote Obama. It's a fact that more cultural orgs in an area create a positive impact in urban revitalization. Hmmmm…. I think we might need to find out Mr. Steuer's gameplan and adapt some of it for LIT. Or we should take all Indie Theater to Philly where there seems to be some respect. TimeOut New York pointed out that Philly's Pig Iron Theater has an annual budget of $600,000.


I don't know how many indies in NYC have those kind of numbers. I suspect a few. Not me. Most of my work is in the $4000 or less category.

I've been thinking a lot lately about the shape of my life. Having death around you tends to do that. I'm an adult I've known several who've passed on but I feel more like I'm going across a high-wire. Either you can do it with grace and staring fear right in the eye or by clinging to the wire. My ability to suffer fools decreases exponentially. And myself when I'm foolish. I try to get a greater perspective and give it a zen meaning. I mean the fact I'm writing about this is an act of ego. “Look at me, I exist!!!”

Point being I'm figuring out where I'm supposed to be. I think I'm not where that is, which is very un-zen and doopid. I think I don't want to do solo shows anymore or teach. I feel I've gotten all can out of it and therefore can't give much out with it.
This is taking a sledgehammer to my identity. What could I be doing that would be of worth to others? Something that would be interesting and fire up my passions. Right now I'm kinda limp.