Message from Debby Schwartz

My friend and supercool singer-songwriter, Debby Schwartz, sent me this letter. She gave me permission to post it.

Hey Chris:

I was in Allentown this past Saturday. Interesting experience. Blacks and Latinos I spoke with were almost 100% with Obama. White folk were 50% for-50% against. Out in the rural areas, the lawn signs were, say 60-40% favoring Obama. Still a bit too close for comfort. Palin has had an effect. I won’t get to go back before the election but I want to do some phone banking beforehand. Wish I could do more. Great letter! Glad you got to go down!

See you later,

That was nicer than this message I got when I emailed the last post accidentally to the UNCG Drama listserv instead of my friend Una. “Whoever you are, stop sending this crap to me! You are out of your mind if you want someone so unqualified to lead our fragile country at this time!”

I thought David Letterman handled this nicely. He kept McCain on subject and even shared his concerns about the world his son Harry will be living in. Will Palin be able to handle another 9/11? And which questionable people has McCain been around?

There’s all sorts of chatter going on about Camp McCain going for the electoral vote by a narrow margin. A win’s a win. Like in 2000. Popular vote be damned.

I saw W on Friday. Brolin is amazing. Reminds me of my grad school bud Jason Kehler. I mean they were split from the same cloth. Thandie Newton is incredible as Condie Rice. Toby Jones was also great as Rove. Most of the others pulled the characters towards them rather than going to the character. It’s a choice. Some weird casting: Rob Corddry as Ari Fleischer and Ion Gruffudd as Tony Blair. Good for them but weird. I didn’t feel I learned any new insights but got to feel what it was like inside this world. A few odd things like in The Doors. One moment was when Bush was meeting Laura for the first time and he’s walking across the backyard at this barbeque. He steps on this corn on the cob on the ground. What the hell does that symbolize?