The Palin Solution

I’ve got an idea I think should make everyone happy. People LOVE Sarah Palin. Under torture, I doubt very few would say they like her politics. She is a morphed version of the Alaskan Independence Party. But they are charmed by her looks, impressed by her ability to draw numbers and get that crowd excited. They like the way she can cut people to the bone. Her family is a source of fascination.

I’d suggest the Palin family should have their own reality show like the Osbournes or Gene Simmons Family Jewels. We could see Todd fishing or working on an oil rig. The kids could go hunting. She could take the audience on an excursion through parts of Alaska hitherto unseen.

America could get more Sarah Palin, she could make a lot more money and fame and the world could move on to better, safer place.