More of the Others

So we know about Barack and McCain. Who are the other Presidential candidates no one is talking about. I thought I’d put some info up. Also, I hadn’t thought about the fact that Cheney didn’t run for President this year. What’s his deal? Did he already get everything done?

The Others…

Former Congressman Bob Barr, Libertarian Party

Radio talk show host Chuck Baldwin, Constitution Party

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, Green Party

Ralph Nader, independent. I’ll say the “I’m still Ralph Nader Dammit” Party. Or the “I’m Still Charging the Windmill” Party.

Then there’s Brian Moore from the actual Socialist Party. Check this out.

If you want to hear more of the Socialists and how they will take over America tune into the Dave Glover Show 97.1 FM St Louis at 6:05pm on the eve of the National election. I’m sure that’s going to put him over the edge and be the November surprise we’ve been worried and waiting for. I’m teasing but if you read what they want, you will agree with Robert Reich that we’ve had Socialism for the upper one percent and capitalism for the rest.