The eve of the eve

Well, here we are. So close to the Presidential elections. I don’t know what will happen. My hope is that Obama is elected. My eyes are more open to how race and religion play a huge part in politics. It is unfortunate that we are not more accepting. Having been in Philly and knocked on hundreds of doors now, I can tell you McCain’s people have been out smearing Obama’s character and pumping people up with the idea that he isn’t a Christian. They also play the abortion card a lot. It is infuriating. It is cheap.

My friend Yolanda brought up how Palin might do everything she can to kill McCain in the first two years of office. At first I think that’s terrible. Then I wonder. Then I shudder. Then I try not to think about it. Then I can’t help but think about it. Then I pray.

I think Obama is right for this country because he has been at all areas of the spectrum. He understands how it is to be white and black. He knows poverty and relative wealth. He had to work his ass off to make himself something and he has dedicated himself to helping other people. Deep down I also think he will be a new kind of alpha dog for the world. One that thinks before reacting.

A friend recently endorsed Cynthia McKinney for President. I saw one bumper sticker for her while I was in Philly. Didn’t even know about her. Here she is giving it to Rumsfeld. I thought I would share the better clip of her instead of the one where she is being completely INSANE when she is accused of hitting police officer.