Rachel Maddow said what I was hoping would happen with the election of Barack Obama. America’s reset button was hit by the world. I feel better hearing him speak last night. That was downright Presidential. W. talking today was remedial. Rove is moving away from him. Rove is worried about being associated with him. I understand. I wouldn’t want that either.

Do the Republicans now shift their model to reflect what is happening? Obama’s 50 state campaign gave him a 6% win of the popular vote and a huge electoral college margin. Will the right use his strategies in the next election? Will Palin run in 2012 and, if so, will she deign to use community organizer tactics to get the base out and knocking on doors?

I watched her during McCain’s concession speech last night and felt in my gut we have not seen the last of her. I feel she will go back to Alaska and see where she stands. More news about her spending spree is coming out and I bet some people who were hurt by her diva-ness will leak and speak.

I don’t think having Hillary Clinton win last night would have had the true cathartic experience we as a nation had. He also clocked in today with Joe Biden to figure out where to go with things. Word is he is getting advice from Bill Clinton about how to use this transition time.

I guess gone now are the days of sharp, incisive wit over incompetence in government and now we will have insults and 3rd-grade racist barbs in their place. Everyone should watch what they say. What the demographic and the ideological shift. Maybe in a few years Patti Smith will have to rewrite her song to say, “White Men Are the Nigger of the World.” As a white male, I say it’s about time.

Or, we move ahead beyond that to where we become a truly multicultural and global society. But people have to learn how to think and learn for that to happen. To accept responsibility.

Riding into work today decidedly late, it seemed like people weren’t that overjoyed. I guess because they partied too hard here. Like a morning after New Year’s Eve without the sleeping in and schlepping to brunch and mimosas before naptime. No just half a cup of coffee out of a dirty coffee pot and no morning papers to be found.

Everybody wants a New York Times. I’d think a New York Post would be more of a collector’s item. The Wall St. Journal sure was lame today.