The Chopping Block

I go in tomorrow for my 6 month review. This job isn’t my life. I know that. I just want it to end on my terms, not theirs. I was asked Sunday night if this was my career. “No!” is my response. Just something from point G to point H in life. I think I’ve passed point B long ago.

I don’t like these things. I’ve had a couple that were devastating. They’re dumb and out of touch with reality in my experience. My worst ones were at college and grad school, when they are REALLY out of touch. Part of why I’ve always shied away from academia is that I never want to turn into someone who lives on the power they lord over their students. It’s gross and unnecessary.

I have to keep my head together. Don’t give them problems that aren’t there. You’re supposed to say things like, “well, one of my faults is how overly organized I am” or “I just find it problematic that I’m so darn punctual.” Things like that. This way the criticism turns positive.

Saw Mike Daisy tonight. He has really become something in his work. I really enjoyed the show. My hat is off to him.

Now it’s time for me to go back to the drawing board.