Progress Report

Still moving along on this play. Half of it was written on my computer and I’m writing the other half by hand. I know it slows things down but I just like doing that. Part of it is not being able to go back and change things as I write. No red or green lines telling me I’m making mistakes. No distraction of getting on the internet. Greater simplicity. I think I write more they way people talk that way.

Woke up this morning from a bad dream. I was on stage and doing a solo show but I had nothing prepared and was forced to go off of what I could remember. It was a makeshift stage in a town hall setting and it was packed. I did one piece kind of decently and then was pulling things out of my ass. I was asking people to come up and perform what the idea of the monologue was and taking notes. It wasn’t very entertaining for the people who were there and they started grumbling. Hmmm….