Bad Tummy

I could be out shopping for the holidays or having fun but I’ve got bad tummy pains. Not suitable for being in public. I should rest up as I am donating platelets tomorrow at 12:15 p.m. on 12/15. Easy to remember. Last month I gave blood in the morning, went running in the afternoon and was out of it that night. I also had a couple glasses of wine the night before so that might have added to the hurtin’. It’ll be interesting. They take blood out, remove the goodies and then put some back in over the course of 2 hours. I’ll take a book and my ipod.

Of course, after I signed up I saw how I could make a donation at the blood bus that will be parked in front of Starbucks on 7th Ave. just 8 blocks from my abode. But I wouldn’t have the story of what it’s like to have it drained out of you, only to have it go back in. (Insert your own joke here.)

I am NOT donating platelets for the money. I don’t know why every person asks me that. I don’t think they give you money for platelets. I don’t know why they need platelets but it seemed like more than just giving blood. I’ve only donated blood a couple of times since I moved to the city so I wanted to play catch up.

I did however sign up for the Jet Lag Study through Clinilabs. They observe you here, give you some jet lag medicine, fly you to Paris where you stay for 4 days of observation and fly back. The drawback? You don’t get to sightsee there. Just fly in and go right to the laboratory they monitor you and check your vitals and probe your anus. Ok, maybe not the last thing but I try to mentally prepare myself before throwing myself into the unknown.

My hope would be that I’d get to see the Louvre because the one time I was there I was so jet lagged I had to sit on a bench and try not to pass out. I looked like such a fool. But travel like that has always knocked me on my ass.

Unfortunately, all bets are off. The study has been canceled. I know. It would’ve been a good story and I’d have $2500 to fly somewhere else and drool on the plane.

I don’t know what to take with me tomorrow so I’ll probably take 3 books, my notebook and the Dramatists’ Guild directory. I have so many books that are backing up on me. Like so many other things, I need to pace myself better. This year has been a huge object lesson in that. I think I have my father’s gusto that flames out too quickly. I’ve been reading about long distance running because I’m not progressing as much as I should and it has been enlightening to me on this subject. If you start running too quickly, your heart goes into panic mode and shuts your body down. That’s the best analogy to the rest of my life I’ve heard.