GiveItAway GiveItAway GiveItAway Now

I’ve decided to write several books. The first will on solo performance. Sort of a nice way to end that chapter of my life. I will publish this book on my website. I was looking at my site and thought about how I’d rather eat a clean coal burrito than teach another solo performance workshop. For some reason, it doesn’t work for me.

People want the information and I want to give to them. This way they can employ it however they wish and I don’t have to be involved in whether people will be successful or liked. Some people, not all but some, want the fast lane to fame or having their existence solved through doing a one-person show. Seriously. I tell them early on that’s not the deal and then they resent me. Like I’ve been peddling snake oil.

This way my experience gets shared, people take what they want from it and I can feel ok about all the lessons I learned the hard way.

The next one has already been written. I just need to look it over again and clean it up. Where that will go, I don’t know.

The third is still percolating. It might be several years down the line.