Progress part 3 (?)

I’m plugging along with the new play. I’m only halfway through the first draft. I’d like to finish up by next Sunday. That will take some work. I wanted to be able to turn it in for the Reverie contest tomorrow but that’s not going to happen. I got gummed up with a tricky moment and had to back off. Of course, life starts crashing down in waves and it’s a few days before I can get back to it but it came out without forcing it. It’s a dark comedy so it’s important to go to places I try to avoid in life. I’ve heard it said if you feel you are writing something you shouldn’t, keep going. That’s the stuff people are interested in. If a voice is telling you you’re crazy, that’s a good sign.

When I go back over the draft, I’ll use my very unscientific breathing test. If my breath changes while reading it, then I know something good is going on. Here’s my Free Will Astrology for this week. As usual, the point of what I am trying to write about is delivered by Mr. Brezsny better than I could ever put it.

Virgo Horoscope for week of December 11, 2008

After meditating on how best to energize your love life, I decided to direct you to this passage from John Welwood’s book Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships: Healing the Wound of the Heart: “Everyone knows perfect love in their heart, for the human heart is a direct channel through which absolute love pours into this world. At the same time, human relationships are imperfect expressions of that love. This creates a painful gap between the perfect love we know in our hearts and the imperfect, incomplete ways it is expressed in our relationships. When we imagine that relative human love should be something it is not — absolutely unconditional — we suffer disappointment and wind up distrusting love itself. We also hold grievances against others for not loving us rightly or against ourselves for not having won that love. This gives rise to a universal human wound — the sense of not feeling loved for who we are.”