Life Is an Obstacle

Got a lot accomplished today. Didn’t write anything on the play. I need to do that before hitting the sack. Last night I finish a long scene and the characters surprised 3 or 4 times. That’s great. Now things are turning and I’m not sure how it will end up. I do know the last line of the play. How it gets from where it is to that I don’t know.

I got a Manhattan Diary for 2009. I like it because it has maps and useful information. I’m going to invent a game for myself. Each day I get a point for doing something for my acting, my playwriting and my career. Every time I get to 50 points I get a good treat.

The snow today was somethin’ else. At noon the flakes were big and fluffy. I could hear that Vince Giraldi music. Then I thought about all the poor people without power. I like New York in the winter, which is good because it lasts until May.

I read about another Richmond theater guy, “Hutch” Hutchinson passing away. I did a show with him called “Persistence of Memory” and auditioned for a couple things he directed. He cast me in the last one but I was moving out of town by then. Come to think of it, he just called me to offer the role. I miss some of the camaraderie of
that town sometimes. If there was twice the amount of paying professional work there, I probably would have stayed. On the other hand, my sensibility wasn’t really right for that town and I probably would have left out of frustration of a different sort. So many good people there.

Meeting of the minds in the morning with John Clancy, Michael Criscuolo and Mark Lonergan to discuss the Education Task Force of the League of Independent Theaters. I feel this is something truly groundbreaking. This is a movement that will change American theater permanently. I’m going to propose a slogan for LIT: “Get back to where the real work is.” I think LIT is what the famous people who get sentimental for doing the work for the work’s sake dream of. It’s what the drama geek in the South or the Midwest hope to accomplish. It’s what you think of when you imagine the essence of the Group Theatre or the Actors’ Studio in their heydays. It’s the Living Theatre and the Open Theatre. It’s Bogosian dressed in black in some dank space being cooler than the coolest. This should be honored, celebrated and carried in new ways into the future, not snubbed. Too many people don’t know what it is. That won’t be the case for long.