Addicted to Fame

It’s worse than crack, booze or tobacco. More deadly than heroine. It affects absolutely everyone on a daily basis. Your relationship to it might change but it is always there. The need to learn how to fly and live forever.

Maybe you don’t want it yourself. Maybe you do but can’t admit it. More than likely you know someone who does or you brush into it while driving or surfing the ‘net and most certainly with the TV on in your living room.

It hurts us and might be the weak spot no one is talking about during all this time of change. People want an easy road to fortune and recognition without having to develop a skill or do any work. During this past election cycle people were bemoaning the media and what the candidates were doing. How can they be blamed? They were bit by the fame bug. That insidious little bastard that most certainly will destroy what’s left of our civilization.

People are so ready to give up whatever dignity they might have to be seen they will go on the most repulsive reality shows and humiliate themselves. And we watch to see people who are doing better than us get destroyed either literally or figuratively.

I saw John McCain talking on Larry King about the closing of Guantanamo Bay. He said it was easy to close it down without a plan on where to put the prisoners. I agree we need to figure out where to put them. But remember Mr. McCain is also the guy who said he is against torture. So what’s your point, John? To see him now spouting what he would do differently at the first chance seems not only like sour grapes but like a fame addict going for another shot. Does this mean he will try again in 2012? Good luck.

Wouldn’t it serve him better to “reach across the aisle” now? If he says he would have figured out where to put the detainees before closing Gitmo, why doesn’t he do that now? I guess it doesn’t serve him to do that. It’s better to cash in on the opportunity for fame. He has great comedic delivery. He could make a lot of money endorsing Viagra, Ben Gay, ESPN or Budweiser. Seriously. He could be in the public eye and retire. But, really, right now things are only beginning to go into remission. He should understand that and either help or stay out of the way.