25 Random Things

I did this for Facebook but thought it would make a decent blog post.

1. The name Harcum comes from an area in England. It means “valley of the gray hares”. The last play I wrote is called Rabbit Island but it’s about my obsession with Coney Island.

2. My middle name is William. My dad’s name is William. Another William Harcum settled in Virginia in 1678. My ancestors include Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland; William Penn, that Pennsylvania guy; and James K. Polk, 11th U.S. President. I understand there’s good chance I’m related to George Washington but I’ve yet to confirm it.

3. I have a brother who is 5 years younger than me. I have 2 cousins on my mom’s side who are more like older siblings. I have only, oldest, and middle child traits.

4. My dad was chopper pilot in the Army. My maternal grandfather was a naval pilot. I have “Flight of Icarus” dreams constantly.

5. I have 3 degrees in acting. Well, 2 and a certificate. The last one was from Mr. Jefferson’s Knowledge Box. That and $2 gets me on the subway every time.

6. Spider-Man was my hero growing up. Seeing Parker’s messy life made me feel ok. My closing salutation for my email is “Your friendly neighborhood, Chris Harcum”. I’ve had it for 10 years. I might switch it to “Covet me you loser, Chris Harcum” when I go into rap like Joaquin Phoenix.

7. I’ve had 4 relationships that lasted 3 years. My longest was 7. I benched myself for an entire year. I’m currently “in a relationship.”

8. Jazz is my favorite kind of music. John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Thelonious Monk are my faves. My brain waves go back into place when I hear it. I don’t listen to it enough.

9. My 1st nickname in 1st grade was “Happy Harcum”. The 6th graders said I was always smiling.

10. I learned how to successfully walk across a wire from Tino Wallenda. I haven’t tried it higher than 3 feet yet. After watching “Man on Wire” I walked across the Williamsburg Bridge and daydreamed about performing a monologue for President Obama (before he was elected).

11. I was a modern dance major for 3 weeks. I still hear the teacher say “your arms are uuuuugly” in my head when I look in the mirror at the gym when I’m on the bicep machine. I danced in 5 different Nutcrackers. Was even the title role. Haven’t worn a dance belt in 10 years.

12. I performed in my 1st play the day John Lennon was shot.

13. In high school I was lead guitarist in Freddie Kruger and the Elm St. Band. No experience has topped playing the talent show and having a girl I don’t know scream the moment she saw me after the concert. I wouldn’t mind making a living playing in a Led Zeppelin, Beatles, or The Who cover band. I’ve secretly found a new appreciation for Journey.

14. I was stalked in college by a girl who saw me in a play, cut my picture out of the paper and put in on her wall in spite of the fact that she lived at home and had a boyfriend. She went to where I worked and she kept figuring out my new patterns between classes. She kept giving me Christian literature and weirding me out. By the way, the part was Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I decided I never want to be really famous.

15. I like my coffee like I like my comedy, black and full-flavored.

16. My blood type is A+.

17. I brush my teeth too firmly.

18. I feel lost if I let a week go by without reading my Free Will Astrology for Virgo.

19. My favorite time of day has always been 4pm. My favorite time to write is after 11pm. I will get up at any hour and do whatever is necessary but would rather sleep until at least 10am.

20. I developed a stutter and Southern accent when I moved to North Carolina at age 7. I lost both at my 1st drama school. Both come back when I’m tired or feel threatened.

21. I live 2 blocks from the Prospect Park bandshell and heard the last few notes of what turned out to be Isaac Hayes final concert. The crowd seemed happy walking away. I was out running after work.

22. When it is warm I run around the 3.3 mile track in Prospect Park. At night, I run around the outside of the park. You can smell the seal tank in the zoo from the street. My favorite running music is Cheap Trick and disco.

23. I was brought up Presbyterian. I will go to your church if asked. I will not go on my own. Organized religion lost me years ago. (See #14.) I will go to a sangha to meditate by myself. I was born with a hip click so sitting for a 1/2 hour gets uncomfortable.

24. I moved to NYC after 9/11 and love it here. I discover something new each week.

25. I was obsessed with dying at the age of 25. When that didn’t happen, I was lost. Then it changed into 43. We’ll see what happens. I started really enjoying being alive in a fundamental way 5 years ago. I can be ok with the most horrible situation as long as I like the people who are with me.

Bonus: If I wasn’t this actor/playwright freak, I’d be a teacher, journalist, tour guide, mountain climber, chess champion, CIA agent, ghostwriter, and baseball enthusiast. I’m trying to find ways to put all of that together.