Money Part 3: Minty Fresh

I opened up a TreasuryDirect account so I can begin to buy Treasury Bonds. I wonder if that will help the economy. Somebody is going to have to give the government money or else they’ll be looking to get a bail out at some point. Iran put a satellite into space that will be dancing around with our old Star Wars technology. I bet there’s a lot of garbage up there now.

As I was nosing around, I noticed that the US Mint is done manufacturing the US State Quarters. Hawaii was the last one. That was a long process from 1999 to 2008. I remember getting my first Delaware quarter. That held some significance for me as I was born there and both my parents grew up there. I wondered where I’d be when 2008 rolled around. I wanted to be far, far away from myself. It took through the manufacture of the Wisconsin quarter to realize that you can’t do that.

So from Wisconsin to North Dakota, I worked on being ok with being with me. As I look further at my relationship with money, I think it is connected with my own value. Because of career choices, etc, I’ve needed to think about it and know what I am doing but I haven’t.

As this chapter has closed, I wonder what 2009 holds in store. Someone once made fun of me when I discovered the Michigan quarter came out and was excited. I responded that I didn’t have any hobbies. I’m a little sad this 50 State Quarter Program is over. This year they will put out D.C. and the 4 territories. Good thing because most people don’t know what they are. There will be new Presidential $1 coins and First Spouse gold coins.

Today I had an audition for a Lottery commercial. I find that so meta. And a big withdrawal from my reserves. But American Badass in the P&P 09 Anthology just came from the publishers yesterday. I have yet to go pick up my copies from Martin Denton. I’m working on a reading of a new play I wrote that I’m reading with 3 great actors. And I’m adapting a book into a play. So I’m trying to increase my artistic value and share that with others.

Being an actor has been like having a complicated relationship with an addict. Writing is like taking what you learn from that dysfunctional, co-dependent, abusive relationship and moving into a new place with a neat roommate who pays the rent on time. Maybe even makes cookies once in awhile.