Starting Anew Again

Had a first voice-over session with a new teacher today. I’ve been down and frustrated over auditioning for commercials in the last couple of years. I was put on hold 7 times last year but didn’t actually book any of it. Does that mean anything? I don’t know. But I’m now thinking if I can pigeonhole my voice and learn the craft of voice-overs, I can make some good money with my acting. And doing a commercial won’t taint how people see me because they won’t actually see me.

I’ve had a few sessions before and I’ve found it frustrating. Today a number of things clicked. First off is working less. A lot less. On dumb things I’ve been trained to do that, guess what, don’t help. I get caught up in each word rather than phrases so it sounds like…I’m…talk…ing….to…you. Not in a Shatner way, thank God. The big thing now is casual and not SELLING things.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a Virgo. So I’m hard on myself and I freak if I’m not doing it right from the top. My wheels were spinning. But I found comfort in hearing that I have a “cool, young, hip” voice that would work for television ads. This is a contrast to the roles I’ve been sent out for in commercial land: Suburban Dad, Schlubby Guy, Normal Guy, Business Owner, Average Guy, and my favorite, Anyone. It’s nice to find an area where I know what my framework is. I’ve spent so many years hearing from teachers that my voice isn’t any good that it was also a relief to know it doesn’t matter what your voice actually sounds like. It’s the opinions and point of view you create. It can’t sound rehearsed or actorly.

It is damn difficult work. It’s like learning a new instrument and it will take time. But I kinda love it.