No Math Makes It Better

I saw a bit of history today as the staff where I worked was told about layoffs and a 5% pay cut. To preserve other jobs. These are smart, hard-working people. They are not making huge sums of money. They have mortgages and families. I sensed people quietly doing math as they listened to the man who gave the news as best he could.

The forecast, we were told, is that things won’t get better again for a year. These are measures to hold on until then.

I get angry about this.

I know things go in cycles and there are “corrections” and what have you but this is too damn much. Then they want to raise the fares for public transportation. People simply won’t be able to afford $103 a month for an unlimited pass. You have to have more than 41 rides for it to be in your favor at $2.50 a ride.

Then the Republican put out their budget today which had no numbers in it, a picture of a windmill, and a blue cover. The “Republican Road to Recovery” just looks bad. I really wish they would stop trying to scare people about the Boogie Man and do something that would come somewhere in the vicinity of helpful or just shut up. Right now. This 19-page document is like what the crappy team on Celebrity Apprentice would pull. That being the case, I think D. Trizzy should come along and help them out by firing a couple of them. Then maybe they’ll have something worth considering.

I think we’re going to see self-interest outrun special interest as the worst of the worst on Capitol Hill. And, call it a hunch, but I think some DEEPER SHIT is going to come out that’s going to put all this resistance into perspective.