Imaginary Invalid

I helped script doctor a new version of Moliere’s The Imaginary Invalid by Matthew Gregory, Shira Gregory, and Greg Tito. It speaks directly to the debate going on about health care in this country. It also looks at our sickness over being sick and our addictions on what keeps us from being well. It’s also funny.

The opening night this past Thursday went very well. It’s running at the Cell Theatre on 23rd Street. An incredible space at a great location. The large glass doors looking directly at 23rd were well-used by the cast with zany entrances and exits.

I was genuinely happy with the show. It’s modern but keeps hold of the original’s feel. Sort of like a long episode of Frasier. It did run 3 hours but they went by fairly quickly. The house was full with a responsive audience. The only real glitch was how the videos were slow to load on the tv. Nice effect once they were working though.

The show runs through August 1st. I understand tickets are going quickly. All of this is good to hear.

Matthew, who also was the director on this production, and I going to start work on a new version of Scapin to go up in the spring. It will allow me to check a goal off my Big List in life.