Anvil Follow-up

I never wrote about this. I saw them twice in two days last month. At Giants Stadium opening for AC/DC and at a late night screening at Village East Cinemas. The director Sascha Gervasi and the record producer Chris Tsangarides were there. I thanked Chris for reinvigorating them. I met Lips’ niece in line before the screening. She said the guys in the band have finally quit their day jobs and are doing Anvil full-time. They aren’t making fortunes but they’re doing OK. She was wearing a t-shirt Lips gave her from the ’84 Japan concert shown at the beginning of the movie. Robb Reiner is a hell of a drummer and Glenn G5 is a cool bassist. My buddy Doug saw that screening with me and I sat next to a reporter from New York Magazine. I think it’s different seeing that movie knowing they are doing OK now. The dvd comes out in the fall. It’s a great movie.