“Opinions are like assholes. Most people have one and it stinks.” “A broke clock is right twice a day.” “There must be some truth in it.” “If you believe the good ones, you must believe the bad ones.” “They’re just jealous.” “Don’t empower them.”

I’ve been given harsh criticism lately for writing I’ve done on a new site called Revolving Floor. The first assignment was to answer the question, “How do you like your eggs?” So I wrote a juvie prison piece and the comments went back and forth. That’s considered successful.

The casting director Daryl Eisenberg was chastised for tweeting her thoughts during a casting session. She wrote a big freedom of speech thing when people let her know they were upset by this. Emily Post would have rammed her mobile down her throat.

I wrote a tough review tonight for nytheatre about a play in the Fringe I had hoped would have been much better. I really wanted to like it.

Steve Martin said you always remember the bad reviews. I hate that.