Atticus Bridge

I’ve been working on a secret project and at the risk of selling the wine before it’s time, I wanted to say a few words about it. On Sundays, I meet up with a very talented bunch of people: Chad Lindsey, Carrie Heitman, Emily Kunkel, Amy Jo Jackson and Preston Martin.

The project was inspired by Chad’s involvement with Pig Iron Theatre‘s remount of Chekhov Lizardbrain in the Under the Radar Festival at the Public. Chad and Carrie knew each other back in high school and they both brought two of us into the group. We’ve gotten together many times and have set about created a piece using improvisation as a base to discover the characters and pull together a world I think is going to be equally human and unique. Not to mention a piece with layers and textures unlike any I’ve done before now. I’d rather not give away any details on the work yet other than to say we’re gunning for a workshop performance in July somewhere really cool.

We don’t even have a title for the group as of yet. My top choice is Atticus Bridge. I wanted something that did not have the words theater, rep, group, ensemble, collective, or project. I wanted it to sound more like a band you’d hear at the Knitting Factory. Carrie recently got a dog named Atticus who is a handsome lookin’ fella. I used to work in a bookstore called Atticus way back-a-when and named the main character in my first attempt at a full-length play was Atticus. I understand he was the first Greek bookseller and I think the way we’re attacking traditional theater is bringing things to where we are.

So far the name is sitting funny with half the group. I think the other half is slowly being won over by it so maybe my nefarious plan to have this name is working. It might also be the old saw that once you name something, it exists.

It’s sometimes hell getting the 6 of us in the room together but it’s been good so far and we all like and respect each other. 6 is my favorite number and I often think that’s why I like the group. We’ve been blessed with free rehearsal space so we’re working lean and mean. I think that’s a sign we’re onto something. We just need to find a decent place near the studio to get a drink after the rehearsals that doesn’t include the words Mustang or Sally.

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