This Week’s Symbols

I dreamed my supervisor at my Clark Kent job caught me on the way out of the building at which point it turned into an old YMCA. He told me if I
wanted to stay at this job I needed to prove myself and start swimming
laps in what looked to be the skankiest pool ever.

I dreamed a space opened up at a community center so I could finally
do Red Noses. An audience would be coming in 2 days and Tracy, the director,
posted the notes for the cuts in the script on various, out of sight
places on the “set” but didn't inform us about all of them. I realized as I was walking in a mall behind some slow women who had been friends
since childhood and were blocking the way with their baby carriages, I
hadn't learned my lines yet.

I dreamed a player for a Major League Baseball team you never heard of
was caught in a love triangle with two female players from an even
more obscure MLB team. He had a reputation for stealing bases and had
made it from second to third. The pitcher was his main squeeze and
couldn't concentrate so she kept lobbing the ball. He got confused and
wandered to the other woman in the right outfield. She tagged him out.

I dreamed before you could kiss anyone, you had to post it on your iPad.

I’m feeling ready the first draft of the new piece tomorrow night.