Took the last few days off this. My cousin came to visit this weekend. Always nice to see her, although the temperatures in the teens and 20s presented a challenge. What can you do indoors while still feeling like you're visiting NYC? Got to have a few nice meals and saw the Flying Karamazov Brothers. I have no idea where to get good schwarma outside lunch spots in Midtown and most are counter service or a meat truck. Next time, Jen, we're hitting the meat truck. Mmm…

I ran through things Thursday for Scott Garapolo, the composer. He is a real sharp guy and had lots of killer ideas of his own. I rushed through it too much. Both Scott and Aimee were taking notes and thinking about things so I started charging. One thing I've been working on in yoga is backing off just a touch so what I'm doing is a more full experience and not so full of effort. I'm going to put that into what I'm doing here.

There are 19 characters in this. Not the most I've done in one show, but enough to keep me occupied. If I had to describe my performance technique for this, I'd say it's Eric Bogosian upstairs/Fred Astaire downstairs. If it's good, hopefully people will forget it's just me.

The show runs approx. 70 minutes. I have one more week to carry the script in rehearsal so the time when I start muttering to myself constantly begins now.