Reality Killed the Video Star

This version of “Video Killed the Radio Star” came up on one of my Pandora stations the other day. It’s by the Presidents of the United States of America and was used in the Adam Sandler movie “The Wedding Singer.” I sort of remember seeing that movie when it came out but don’t recall hearing this song. I’m sure I did but I have a medical condition that makes me actively erase Adam Sandler’s flicks while I watch them. While a cure has not been found as of yet, not watching his movies has served as a preventative stop-gap.

I used to like hearing the song when I was in middle school. Parts of it would give me this weird feeling of experiencing emotions I hadn’t yet. There’s something triumphant and sentimental in this at the same time. That feeling of being socked in the gut looking back at life when I had hardly lived it. Here’s live version from 2004. The singer Trevor Horn says in it that it’s the first time they did the song live since was recorded 25 years prior.

Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes played in the band Yes for short stretch. Horn moved on to producing and Downes became part of Asia. Both worked on the latest Yes album in 2010. I think the guys in Asia had a ton of man pain.

If there were to be a sequel to “Video Killed the Radio Star” it would have to say how cheaply made shows about strangers being forced to “live together” on a set made to look like a house destroyed music videos. Since the Presidents of the United States of America are back together, I challenge them to write this song.