New blog, same me

I haven’t blogged in a long time. 2012 has been the year of doing other things. I get asked frequently how I do so many things. I think, “one: I don’t do enough. two: I stopped blogging.” I get horrible bouts of shyness. Thank God I started performing or I’d never leave the abode.

My blog has been moved to my Web site. I thought this would be better for all concerned. I’ve decided this is going to be a place for my thoughts and feeling and other boring crap. Very little self-promotion. Part of the cause of my absence of blog has been that I formed a company called Elephant Run District with Aimee, Heather Olmstead and Ethan Angelica. This means I don’t have to be a mom ‘n’ pop shop without the mom anymore.

I read today that you shouldn’t confuse business with achievements. I went by the AEA center today to make a deposit at the credit union. For kicks, I went down to the 2nd floor to see what audition notices were up. Had the darndest time finding my Equity card squeezed between my 3 other union cards. I used to go out for auditions all the time. It kept me busy. Lots of waiting and anxiety and muttering lines and talking to crazy people who also were muttering. My life is much more sane now that I do that less. I feel bad about it. A version of survivor’s guilt. One day I just decided I could make better use of the time.

I scored a couple free tickets to Silence the Musical.