End of 2014

Aimee made this nice image for the holidays. She took the picture of the Little Red Lighthouse during one of our long walks. (It’s about 70 blocks north of our abode.)

I admit I am in a place of deconstructing what I want to do to celebrate the holidays and create new traditions, rather than being locked in doing things just because that’s what’s always been done.

Whatever you believe or don’t believe, I hope your holidays are a time of good feelings. It’s a real shitty time for a lot of people. There is a lot of needless pressure and unrealistic expectations to have a good time that’s put on people by society. If that’s how you feel, I hope you can draw a line in the snow and make your own traditions too.

I look forward to the possibilities of 2015. Thanks for being part of my life, even if it’s only on the web.

holiday 2014 image