One-Minute Play Festival #1MPF


I’m really looking forward to seeing this tomorrow night. I’m one of the 80 playwrights involved in this festival this week. It’s truly a celebration of the many voices in downtown NYC theater.

My evening includes the playwrights Sarah Shaefer, Duncan Pflaster, Elisabeth Ng, Rachael Jenison, Tyler Rivenbark, Bixby Elliot, Amina Henry, Katherine Clark Gray, James Carter, Susan Bernfield, Edmond Malin, Monica Bauer, Jessica Luck, Tim Errickson, Ian Allen, Judith Leora, Stacey R. Rose, Dominic Colon, Maurice Decaul, Paula Pizzi-Black, Migdalia Cruz, Nat Cassidy, Lindsay Joy, Guadalis Del Carmen, David Lawson, Scott Casper, Robin Rothstein, Georgina Escobar, Jona Tarlin, Isaac Rathbone, Kari Bentley-Quinn, Nico Grelli, and Ryan M. Fogarty.

The directors are Ana Margineau, Ben Randle, Christine Zagrobelny, Dina Vovsi, Hondo Weiss-Richmond, Jesse Edward Rosboow, Maggie Cino, Patrice Miller, and Philip Emeott. There are also many talented actors giving their all in these espresso shots of theater.

It’s Jan. 23 and 24, 2018 at 8pm at the New Ohio Theatre at 154 Christopher Street. Tickets are $20.