My Second City Conservatory 3 Show

“The Other Friends Reunion,” Nick Rees’s Conservatory 3 show, performed June 23, 2021.

Had a great class taught by Nick Rees. (What a caring and generous teacher. If you get a chance to take a class taught by him, jump on it!) We focused on scenic styles in this class. Nick reinforced how we should “come in hot” with the who, what and where of the scene right away. This makes a huge difference over Zoom when you may or may not even get to see the other improviser at the top of the scene. (Technology has quirks.)

The other big things we focused on were relationships and giving a reason for being in the scene. Kind of fundamental stuff when you think about it but very easy to drop when you are doing it.

After the show last night, he said we were often going to the scene, rather than waiting for the scene to come to us. You can “polite” your way into having a scene go nowhere by going, “Well, I wanted to come in and do X but I wanted to see what your idea was.” And, then, the other improviser is going, “Yeah, but I wanted to see what your idea was.”