Where (Not Really) Everybody Knows Your Name…

I don’t know how I had such bad allergies yesterday. It was like Thor was crushing my skull. I wanted to run head-first into a wall to feel a different kind of pain on the top of my head. Again and again and again.

I have a new deadline for Valentine’s Day (argh!!!!) and then another for March 3. The first is FringeNYC and the second is for Samuel French. Neither is written yet. Oh, but it will be. Just you wait. I have to do rewrites this week for Rabbit Island. I started working on it a bit last night after my head finally cleared enough for thoughts to travel in my head. Wasabi Soy Beans. They’re a bit bigger and eaten 5 or 6 at a time really kick the ass of any sinus. Try them and see if they don’t make your brains go Bugs Bunny.

I’m meeting my buddy Chris Illing for a beer after work in 90 minutes. He’s a wild man, crazy actor freak and a helluva guy. He’s a vegetarian, which explains the heroin chic look about him. I’m writing a role for him 3 plays out. I believe he was born in Canada. It’s been years since I’ve been to O’Flaherty’s. I’m donating blood tomorrow and the email said to not have fatty foods for 24 hours ahead of time but said nothing about Guinness. That couldn’t affect my blood, could it? I guess if it streams out extra slowly I’ll know. I scheduled my appointment late in the afternoon so I can hit the gym first. Last time I went for a run 6 hours afterward and paid for it.

I’ve taken a step to becoming better friends with the Blackberry. My outgoing messages from my gmail no longer show up in my BB email folder. That was annoying. My deleting thumb is happier. I saw a UPS truck out front this morning and hoped it was the retaining ring for the trackball. I’m getting used to the one I have taped on now. The jack for my earbuds is taped too. It fixed them so the sound travels to both buds. That tape has been on for a couple of months now and is growing a nasty line of NYC air dirt down its spine. If I begin to tape my laptop, I’ve gone too far.