Bidening the Gap

I sometimes can’t help making these pun titles. I see the tabloid newspapers’ covers each day. So the debate was pretty good tonight. There was a lot more put on the table. Well, by Biden anyway. I wondered what 2012 would look like earlier today and a pundit said it out loud. Palin will run for President.

Now here’s another crackpot scenario. What if she throws this election just enough to lose it? This way she could have a clearer shot at the top of the Republican ticket in four years. People eat her up. This would give her time to distinguish herself and study up on all that foreign policy stuff. She was articulate and she’s able to handle the material she has memorized. She doesn’t have a lot of demonstrative critical thinking skills. Fortunately for her, the base doesn’t require that. In fact they fear that.

I’m not going to totally write this election off in favor of Obama but things are turning. This bailout is a mess. I watched the video called Money as Debt. I have to watch it again. My head is still spinning from it. Money means nothing. It has no value other than what people have assigned to it. We’ve been spinning away from money actually having value for hundreds of years. The banks create money through the loans we take out. So the economy is fueled by debt. We have to have debt in order to create new money. It is so backwards from what I thought I knew.

Veeping Us All Out/Reality Contest Presidency Game

I don’t know if the bailout has been passed yet in the Senate. I don’t like it. There should be responsibility taken. This is like a war crime or something. I posted a couple of letters that have been forwarded to me. All of it proves money is like heavy duty science, if you don’t know what you’re doing the experiment could go terribly wrong and mutant alligators might be coming up from the toilets at a very inappropriate time.

This painting is another in a series my brother, Ben, has made recently. I dig it. This one looks like it could be an album cover. It’s like she’s been attacked by a tanning bed fueled with Red Bull and nuclear waste. I think she’s going to have a glass jaw by the end of the night. All the pundits are saying Joe Biden has to be careful how he responds to her. She gets to do her thing. She’s good at insulting, undercutting, and making her opponents feel embarrassed based on what I’ve seen of her clips.

The special treatment is bullshit. Look, these are tough times. And we’re living in an era of technology and immediate gratification. Screw the piddly youtube debate. So called up-to-the-minute coverage is nothing. Reality shows are jumping the shark left and right. Movies are not doing it anymore. Let’s take the best of all this and make it really interactive. I demand a put up or shut up actual test of them all. Here’s how it will work: both teams of Presidential and Vice-Presidential in two virtual reality rooms where a graphics department can change the walls. Both teams are then given the exact same scenarios to test how they will handle them. They will have to deal with domestic and international meltdowns, egregious diplomatic foul ups by heads of state, financial problems, a Canadian invasion (just music because, come on, they’d never invade us. Or would they?), an assassination attempt on an important figure and any other serious areas. Things they could never expect. That 3am call stuff. Also, there would be a deck of wild cards. Maybe the President would die and the Veep would have to take over. Wouldn’t it be good to see how that would play out? We wouldn’t have to deal with talk or slogans or dirty campaigning. We’d just have to make sure the game wasn’t rigged.

Then they’d have to do a mega round of Jeopardy on American history, how government works, and applicable knowledge questions. Finally, they’d have to do a stress test on a treadmill. Because this would be televised live, we could stay at home and vote from our cell phones like American Idol. We’d also have to have a way for that not to be rigged.

In the meantime, I guess we have to keep dealing with what we have for 34 more days. I’m going down to Philly to help out on the Obama campaign. They’re getting close to having to have all the registrations done and are prepping for the Springsteen concert. Any NYC peeps want to go just take the NJ Transit train to Trenton and switch the SEPTA train to Philly and the Alleghany stop. The address for PA for Change is 1804 E Allegheny Ave.

I have to say I’m not happy both candidates are pushing for the “Rescue Bill” to go forward. What if they put that little 700 Billion dollar item on the ballot so we can all vote on whether we should approve this little piece of spending for THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY? They’re both doing it to show they can work with the over side. It’s a real damned if you do and damned if you don’t place to be. McCain doesn’t know what the hell he’s saying and Barack isn’t stepping up to the plate here. CEOS should not be making money if the company tanks. They should be paid on commission. The company does well, they get a piece of that. Not 400 times the pay of the lowest worker. People should be charged with crimes.

I just want all of this over with. Why do we have to think so hard about this kind of garbage? This should be already taken care of. I feel like my entire life is put on hold while this goes on. I really do. It’s too complicated. No one understands the math. “Bernanke’s a hero.” “Bernanke’s a fraud.” No one really knows it seems. What if the richest one percent got together and fixed this?

I’m writing about all this to distract from all the death in my life right now. I can’t handle it. My next post will be about beekeeping.

Triumph at the RNC

I’m spending the next couple of weeks focusing on getting American Badass ready for publication before working to help Mr. Obama. In the meantime, here’s something I think everyone will enjoy.

Pregnancy Chic

I’ve been trying to watch the RNC when I can. It’s painful. Putting issues aside they’re just poor speakers. Like that Seinfeld episode when a comedian said something anti-Semitic and Jerry was asked if he was offended as a Jew. He responded, “No, I’m offended as a comedian.” What I read of Fred Thompson’s speech sounded like he had a few good lines thrown in. It looks like the addition of the VPILF pictured here with her daughter are going to move us away from issues to being whether or not we’re pro-life.

The bad people are pro-choice in this Rove penned play.

Based on my high school experiences when I was 15, I am anathema to all this family first, Western Civlization to hell in a handbasket hooplah. I saw a teen on the subway today. She had a crying child in a stroller she was ignoring much to the other passengers’ chagrin. And she was pregnant. How can this be good?

If we are going to be manufacturing more Americans ran than goods and services to, at best, keep up with the changing global market, we should produce better educated parents. Otherwise we will be fostering a growing divide that is breeding an internal immigrant society. If you think we can go on without changing this please spend a day at PS 156 in the South Bronx.

On Friday, they had Palin’s pregnant daughter carry Trig on stage with a blanket hiding her pregnancy. Other photos have her sitting behind tables, etc. I wish McCain came back into his maverick self and said, “Oops, I was busy during this vetting process and made a mistake.” I get the feeling 6 more other shoes are going to drop.

There was a time in 2000 when I thought I would seriously vote for McCain. I have a loyalty streak in me that is repulsed by his tenuous relationship with Bush, Rove, and their acolytes. I’m saddened when I see Laura Bush. She looks like she’s had some work done and very wistful. Maybe the look is caused by the work. I saw a picture of Laura with Palin and Cindy McCain. It didn’t look like they really liked each other but tolerated each other with Southern Hostility, that seething blend of pleasantry and passive aggression. You get a sense Laura is so grateful this shit is almost over. She’ll be in Dallas and be able to read books undisturbed. Hopefully, she’ll Petmake sure her husband’s library isn’t a total embarrassment with just a copy of My Pet Goat and The Holy Bible.