Elephant Run District


ERD logoChris is a founding member of the indie theater and film company Elephant Run District. ERD is an NYC-based indie theater and film company devoted to developing the work of a core group of artists, challenging expectations, engaging our audiences, inspiring dialogue in the communities we serve, and creating long-lasting memories. ERD seeks to entertain its audiences while addressing issues that affect our society. The District is a place where traditions collide and new possibilities are explored in the hunt to create stories that are ultimately human.

Like any community, Elephant Run District is in a constant state of evolution, becoming more diverse and exciting as collaborators move in, set up shop and offer their creative wares to the world. Established in late 2010, ERD has produced several full-length plays and various smaller projects.

Our first production in Feb. 2011, Green, was hailed “a highlight of the theatrical season” by Martin Denton and has since been published in the Indie Theater Now Best of 2011 Collection.  This was followed by We Haven’t Told Anyone About This, a modern tragedy touching on the Bernie Madoff scandal. Next, Rabbit Island, garnered rave reviews and was selected for an extension as an outstanding production of the 2012 Frigid Festival. In 2013, ERD started the globally-recognized Brecht in the Park series and took American Gun Show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe where it received 5 star reviews and audience attention.

Stampede LabThrough the 2012–2013 season, Elephant Run District produced 10 Stampede Labs at the Living Theatre and the Chain Theatre to cross-pollinate New York’s indie theater territory and pay homage to Off Off’s history. 25 indie theater companies and more than 100 artists shared their work through this unique theatrical experience. In 2014 and 2015, ERD focused on staged readings and other development. In 2016, ERD’s production of Broken Bone Bathtub received the New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Solo Performance and we started the hERD Play Podcast.

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