Published works

Several of Chwriteoutfront2014ris’s plays and solo show texts have been published on Indie Theater Now.

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Rabbit Island. What will it take for a verbose Canadian mime to become a real New Yorker? “When life sucks as much as your mental health, go to Rabbit Island.”

We Haven’t Told Anyone About This. Nothing is as it seems in Lana and Eric’s living room. When Paige arrives early for her catering job, she uncovers a Pandora’s Box of deception, redemption and sexual deviance, with echoes of the Bernie Madoff scandal.

Solo shows:

American Badass. Through a dozen monologue, the character that Bush Administration America struggles to present–both domestically and to the greater world–is examined.

Anhedonia Road. Set at the intersection of Don Quixote, The Wizard of Oz, Huckleberry Finn, and The Twilight Zone. Joe Harper, an everyman at the end of his rope, goes on an uncommon adventure to capture a yellow balloon. But this ain’t no ordinary yellow balloon and it sends Joe crashing into a cast of colorful characters in an alternate-reality heartland where no GPS can help him.

Gotham Standards. In a series of eight monologues, Chris Harcum goes in the minds of several men and looks at life in relation to two icons, his grandmother and Batman.

Green. An epic misadventure with crooked politicians, double agents, bickering robot lovers, supernova recording artists and the sweetest Scottish mercenary in the galaxy. Only a poet can straighten out this mess, but even if one of the last full-blooded humans in the universe can save the world, will there be a place for him in it?

Mahamudra. Roy, an unmerciful theatre critic on a major power trip, must atone for his misdeeds in front of a live audience. When he turns his razor-sharp analysis on himself, he unlocks an imaginative world full of suspense and wonder.

Some Kind of Pink Breakfast. Chris Harcum turns his life in high school into a John Hughes’ movie, peppered with ’80s references, in this bittersweet solo comedy.

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