My (Second) Second City Show

Here’s the video from my Second City Conservatory 2 show on Wednesday night. This class had people all over the country–L.A., upper CA, Denver, St. Paul, Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta, Naples, FL and me in Manhattan. Our first class focused on archives scenes. This one brought us back to improv. I made it my objective to focus on blending grounded characters with bold choices. There are many schools of thought around improv. Our teacher, Ana Silva, brought us back to simply responding to what the other person says or does and seeing where it goes from there.

My Second City Class Show

Had a great time doing this show! This is the first of (hopefully) six that I’ll do as I progress through the Second City Conservatory and we work our way up to developing our own Second City show of original material. The other people in my group are very talented and funny. Kate Arloe, my scene partner in “Bottle and Bottega,” was so supportive and kind.

Most of the set included archival scenes, with work created by Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert and others. My blackout scene “Small Circles” made the cut and appears later in the show. It runs less than 40 minutes. There’s about 13 minutes of pre-show music. I left that in case you wanted to get the feeling of being at a live show.