An Artist’s Prayer (A Work in Progress)

Let me have another day to express my creativity. Let the blocks and obstacles gently move to the side. Please allow me to be an open channel to reveal truths about our world. Give me the courage and generosity needed to continue on my path and share what I have with others. Help me have the wisdom to make smart decisions and the strength to execute them. Please guide me to being a fully realized person so my art may do the same. Give my instincts fine tuning, my humor proper nourishment, and my dance with destiny a pulsating beat. Keep my body strong, my voice clear, and my mind sharp. Please give me an audience with whom I may commune and death-defying collaborators to expand my world. Bring mentors to me when I am ready and let me be a guide when needed.

For this I will do my utmost-through my art and life-to leave the world a better place than when I found it.