Like a Complete Unknown

Got home from work. God the F train was crowded. The Prospect Park Concert Series was ending tonight with Bob Dylan. Usually tickets are a $3 donation there. His tickets were $50-$100. When a big name plays the park, this nabe turns Manhattan busy.

I went to the gym. All the machines were crowded. Ten minutes later, I look up and the room is empty.

So I went with the salmon up the 9th St. stream and wandered the path near the bandshell. The perimeter was covered with 9-foot high green masking. I guess that makes sense. I bet 2,000 people were on blankets and whatnot even though they had absolutely no view just to hear Bob wail. I heard his first two songs, “Everybody Must Get Stoned” and “Lay Lady Lay”. He sounded good.

I hate that I was working on the evening of June 12th. I got back just in time for the season opener at the bandshell to be finishing and to watch a sea of happy people stroll away from the park. It was Isaac Hayes. Here’s a taste of the good stuff from that night.

When we were digging through pictures for his obit in the paper on Sunday, I came across one with Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes sharing a big laugh on the set of the Bernie Mac Show. Eerie. I don’t know how we’re going to replace the giants of funny and cool.