post FringeNYC

So no more Fringe. I’m a little numb from the whole experience. This year’s festival was much better than the first year I was here. I didn’t do it very well then. I should have gone out and met more people because I had a good show back in ’03. This year was a success for me. I did not sell out, get an agent, or a review in Times (although they did get tix for the show but did not come out). But I did have very good shows with nice houses and 4 great reviews, including the Village Voice. My second show was a little shakey but still ok. I did the shows without passing out or freaking out so I guess my endurance is getting better for this work. I did learn more about where to take my postcards. Boy, aren’t they a funny thing. No one wants them but you have to have them. Next time, I’ll go with posters to off set the number of postcards. I got 10,000 and really only used 8,000.
There were a lot of great shows at the Fringe this year. I enjoyed Tuesdays and Sundays, Lulu, Never Swim Alone, In Transit, A Show of Force, Minimum Wage, Billy the Mime, Park ‘N’ Ride, and I’ll Sell the House in Which I Can No Longer Live. And I had a great time at the Fringe Club podcasts. My girlfriend, Carolyn, introduced me to lots of people that work with Fringe. I met cool peeps from LA and Canada. Overall, the people in the festival were affable and kind.
Now I am going to do 2 weeks at the Gene Frankel Theatre. It should be a good time. I’d like to start teaching people about doing solo performances soon. I think I could help a lot of people make their shows into something. After all the excitement, stimulation, and entertainment, I need to regroup and figure out where to go next with things.