An interview

Here is an online interview with nytheatre mike 2.0. Just click on the link.


Things have been going well with the show. I felt the opening was really rocky. Today’s matinee was much smoother. Opening was like 1st tech/1st preview/press night/opening night all in one. I got a great review and my worst review ever. Actually, after one bad notice for my writing early on, it constitutes my only bad review. It felt like there was some agenda behind it. Hard to say. I guess I didn’t create the kind of show she expected. I also wasn’t 100% on my game. I’m not going to say too much because it will only sound like sour grapes. There are reviewers and there are critics and they are very different animals. This person seemed very angry and missed a lot of points in the piece. I’m trying to find the positive, which is difficult since it was all negative, and looking for how to use it to improve. Considering how quickly this project came together and how many different obstacles there were in creating it, it’s a miracle it exists at all. I’ve been told to blow it off but it is going to take some time to work through this. After looking at this person’s other writing, it seems she has a preference for more classical work. She slammed some of the monologues. One in particular she said was too far-fetched. The funny thing is that it’s all based on the truth.