I went yesterday to the home of Rochelle Denton and Martin Denton to review the proofs for American Badass. Man, that was a trip. Nita Congress did a great job copy editing and it looks great on the page. I only had 3 small changes. One was in the intro, one was an addition of a character’s name for clarity and the last was to add the word “it” to a sentence. I was majorly tired from pulling 19 hours in 2 days in front of a computer for work and then putting in another 8 finishing up the latest draft of Rabbit Island.

I hope that there weren’t any other mistakes I missed. Reading pieces over look that is tough for me. The part of my brain used for performing takes over and the part for grammar and spelling quietly sits down on the bench and sips Gatorade. “What are doing? Get back in there!” My mental coach yells at the goldbricker. Then I’m kind of lost.

The Dentons are very gracious hosts offering me Mallomars and fancy cookies. It was snowing while I was there. They both were very busy with lots of work for nytheatre while I was there. I got the feeling it’s like that most of the time with so much to cover. It’s amazing how on top they are of what everyone is doing.