I’ve been involved with several staged readings lately. Back in August, my voice played the part of a jilted lover in Marin Gazzaniga’s In Ways Both Frivolous and Deep, directed by Alexandra Aron at Primary Stages. After several attempts to record in a studio, Alexandra decided to have me call her iPhone and leave my performance on her voice-mail. It apparently worked better. I had no idea that the actress playing my ex would be Jessica Hecht. I’ve always liked her work but couldn’t be there for the actual reading so it bummed me out a little to have missed that.

Next, I did a private reading of Robin Rice Lichtig’s Suki Livingston Opens Like a Parachute, directed by Tracy Bersley. Robin made a lot of changes since the script-in-hand performance we did back in March at Theater for the New City. The board room in the office where we read had an incredible view of the city’s eastern and southern territory. I played numerous iconic figures in the play including JFK and MLK jr, believe it or not. It’s not an easy play to write (it’s quite epic and very personal) so my hat’s off to Robin who is continuing to work on it.

Then I got to play a perfectly nice Jewish guy on a first date in Alexandra Beech‘s Little Monsters, directed by Michelle Bossy at Ensemble Studio Theatre’s Octoberfest 2010. There are something like 52 full-length plays being read in that so there is plenty of high-quality pieces to see. Alex usually writes more political pieces so it was nice to see her put out a comedy. Because of things coming together at the last minute, I only rehearsed my scenes in isolation and heard the rest of the play for the first time with the audience. I laughed through the whole thing during the scenes in which I wasn’t involved.

On Saturday afternoon, I’m reading the part of a magazine reporter in an untitled play that Aimee is directing. She was recommended to the playwright by Cusi Cram after Aimee directed Cusi’s short play in the 7even, 7even, 7even this summer.

Next up is this drama with comedic grace notes about a war veteran coming home from our recent war with Iraq. I play “Dutch” Wackenhut, a guy off his nut runnnig for Congress. I have a really funny monologue in this. Please check it out.

F U 4 Your Service by Eric Conger
Octoberfest 2010 at Ensemble Studio Theatre
549 West 52nd Street, 2nd Floor

Directed by Tom Rowan

Saturday, October 9th, 9 p.m. and Monday, October 11th, 7 p.m.

With J. Alex Brinson, Peter Brouwer, Rosalyn Coleman, Bill Cwikowski, Maria Gabriele, Chris Harcum, Debbie Lee Jones and Alanna Wilson.

Reservations recommended: or 212-247-4982 ext. 105.

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  1. Robin says:

    Google alerts found your blog for me. Next you can add Carole Feeney (start practicing “Earth Angel”!) to your list of characters in SUKI. I can hardly wait! Oops. Have to write it first. – Robin (The Meer is my favorite part of the Park too.)

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