Keep Momma Malina in her Home

Aimee and I saw a couple Living Theatre-related events this week. First we went to an evening celebrating the release of Judith Malina’s book The Piscator Notebook. It is always amazing to hear her talk. This event had a little something extra because it took place in the same room where she learned from Erwin Piscator.

We went last night to see the new print of The Connection at the IFC Center. It was astounding to see this. I’d never seen it previously and found myself time and again imagining the ripples this play must have made when it was first performed.

The Living Theatre has made contributions to the theatre that continue to impact the work done today. And, in fact, the Living Theatre and Judith Malina, now aged 85, continue to create theatre. As Brad Burgess, the Living Theatre’s executive producer, has said, she is the mother of Off Broadway.

For those who don’t know about the struggle the Living Theatre has had please read this article from the Village Voice. She is a member of the Theatre Hall of Fame. In some ways, she has outlived her legend but continues to do her work. Members of the theater community should support her. One day, one of us might be so lucky to live so long and to keep pursuing our passions.

They only have one more day in their fund drive. Please give generously at the link below and spread the word.