Edinburgh preview

Had a really great run of the show at 59 East 59 Theaters. The staff was top notch and the audiences were very kind. I feel like the show is in a good place but I know it will take a few runs to find my stride over there. The little differences will be interesting to note.

We’ve got our bags packed. Aimee and I are heading out on the LIRR to the Air Train to JFK where we’ll meet Heather to fly to Dublin and then go to Edinburgh. We’ll then find our leasing agent for our apartment. We’ll tech the show from 4 to 5:30pm. Then I’m doing a preview performance at the Scottish Arts Club tomorrow night.

Wanted to give a big thanks to Ethan Angelica for pulling together this promo video for American Gun Show and posting it on the Guardian’s site. I think it came together very well and I hate looking at pictures of myself. Must give a thumbs down to Aer Lingus for not refunding my $20 upgrade for the premium chicken dinner because I suddenly went vegetarian a month after the reservation. Seems like a decent airline otherwise. I’m stoked to spend a moment in Ireland. A first for me. I won’t see anything outside the airport.

Gryphon Venues is housed in the swanky Point Hotel. It has 2 bars-the Monboddo Bar and the Sky Bar. The latter has a view of the castle from the roof. That will only be open tomorrow night and for special events.

Okay I’m off to try to make myself sleep.