East Side Stories: The Indelible and The Vanguard

The casts of The Indelible and The Vanguard.

The casts of The Indelible and The Vanguard. From left: Jody Christopherson, Tammy McNeill, Brigitte Barnett, Lillian Rodriguez, Jason C. Brown, and Randy Lee outside the Metropolitan Playhouse.

I directed the six brave actors pictured here on break from rehearsal. They went into the East Village and found six people to interview. They transcribed those interviews and created humorous, haunting, and inspiring monologues, which they perform as their subjects, using the actual words of the people they are portraying. Each of the subjects have incredible stories and I’m very proud of my casts and the creative team for making such enjoyable evenings of performance. You can read more about the project and our process on NYTHEATER NOW. Performances will take place at the Obie Award-winning Metropolitan Playhouse, 220 East 4th Street between Avenues A and B.

The Indelible:

That’s How Angels Arranged written and performed by Lillian Rodriguez* as Jonas Mekas
Filmmaker, poet, and artist. Founder the Film-Makers’ Cooperative and the Film-Makers’
Cinematheque, now the Anthology Film Archives http://www.jonasmekas.com

¡COLORBOMB! written and performed by Jason Brown* as Jeanise Aviles
Hair Artist/Color Specialist/WigMaker/PerformanceArtist/KnitBomber

Gimmee Life written and performed by Tammy McNeill* as Jimmy Webb
Manager and buyer at Trash and Vaudeville (A.K.A. the punk Peter Pan)

For tickets, click on the dates below:

Wednesday, April 15 at 7pm. Saturday, April 18 at 4pm. Monday, April 20 at 7pm.
Friday, April 24 at 7pm. Sunday, April 26 at 4pm. Tuesday, April 28 at 7pm.
Saturday, May 2 at 7pm. Sunday, May 3 at 1pm.


The Vanguard:

Not to Judge written and performed by Randy Lee* as Corlie Ohl
Your friendly, bossy, sassy, and giving real estate agent

Negative Processing written and performed by Brigitte Barnett* as Alex Harsley
Media Artist, Founder and Director of the 4th Street Photo Gallery located in the Lower East Side.

Because You Are Good written and performed by Jody Christopherson* as Clove Galilee
Experimental Theater Artist, Choreographer, and Mabou Mines Artistic Associate

For tickets, click on the dates below:

Friday, April 17 at 7pm. Sunday, April 19 at 1pm. Tuesday, April 21 at 7pm.
Saturday, April 25 at 1pm. Sunday, April 26 at 7pm. Thursday, April 30 at 7pm.
Saturday, May 2 at 1pm. Sunday, May 3 at 4pm.