Broadway Radio interview

I was interviewed by the cool kids at Broadway Radio. Jessica Molaskey and I have both been recently hit by vehicles. Her accident was severe. Mine was not. We both work with our spouses. One of our spouses is nice to look at, hilarious, and talented. The other is John Pizzarelli. It was a real honor to be selected out of the blue for this. I start around minute 32. I’m glad Ms. Molaskey is getting back on stage. She is a great performer.

I forgot to mention that Aimee and I saw John Pizzarelli’s dad Bucky Pizzarelli at Jazz at Kitano for our first wedding anniversary back in October. He put on a great show with Ed Laub. Bucky talked to us a bit after the concert. He is amazing. 90 years old and still going after a stroke. I can only hope to be that solid when I’m his age. His playing was so great! Here’s a picture of us together…

first anniversary with Bucky pizzarelli