Yesterday I awoke to the aggressive crunching, drilling, scraping, shouting, shoveling and truck beeps that come with trees being planted on my street. Without warning. Part of Mayor Bloomberg's Million Tree project.

I can attest that at least 12 have been used so far. It's nice but I'm glad it's not a daily process.

This morning, the fourth day of spring, brought a gentle dusting of snow on parked cars and the ground. The path in the pic above called to me saying it was probably the last time I'd live enough close to it in this condition to slip in for a quick hike, but I needed to hustle in order to be productive and industrious today.

The grapple between winter and spring is such a metaphor for so many things orbiting me right now. You know how you get that feeling of dread right after 60 Minutes is over? You think, “I could use 1 more day.” That's how I feel about this last 6 months.