Closing Time

Wound up in a section of the Upper East Side I haven't been in years. Had those reverse deja-vu feelings you get when you know things are different but you can't remember what was there before. There were several of those glass buildings twisting and squating over smaller brownstones. I assume they are designed and made so that eventually the brownstone can be removed and the glass monster can fill in.

Center Stage and the Wings Theater go away this month. I've spent time in both but not as much as others who must ache over this. I know the folks from the Ohio are moving into the Wings but it still is a shame. It's a shame the Ohio had to close too.

The bodega above is on 2nd Ave in the East Village. It was hard to believe when I saw it boarded up. Seems like cell phone stores, nail salons and American Apparel stores are the most likely candidates to slide into the vacant locations.

Aimee and I were hometown tourists last night when we ate at Elaine's, which will close next week. Totally unnecessary on our part but I didn't want another thing go away and wonder what I missed. While we enjoyed it, I am sure we didn't truly experience it.

Some days it feels like everything needs saving. Every email is a request for help. I'm a little numb to it and I feel kinda awful about it.

I know everything changes. They say the road to happiness is accepting this. It's just sometimes the happiness is crappier.